Have you ever wondered how things in our lives stay the way they are supposed to be? The house is dusted and clean, the food prepped, grocery list sorted and the laundry done. Who takes care of these things for you at home? In a maximum number of cases, it is a woman who is responsible for all these tasks. And many times, they do all of it while also juggling a job, kids and a two-hour commute to work. Does this qualify them for an award for multi-tasking?

Over the years, a lot of research has been conducted over who is better at multi-tasking? But there have been no conclusive hypothesis regarding the same. An example would be different results found from two separate studies conducted in 2013 and later in 2018. While the previous study made headlines for concluding that women were indeed, better at multi-tasking, the recent study found that contrary to the popular assumption that women were better multi-taskers, neither men nor women were better at multi-tasking.

If I were asked to compile a list of women who have aced multi-tasking, it would include all the women that I know of, my neighbor, my mother, the washer woman and the cleaning lady, apart from the other women who are doing all sorts of work in the world. This is because for me, every woman is a multi-tasker, a juggler and a hero. She may be a stay at home mother of a toddler, who puts so much effort at bringing up her child right or the woman who decides to put up a brave fight in the face of a deadly disease. The CEO and the teacher, the engineer and the receptionist, the singer and the astronaut, the actor and the writer, women everywhere are breaking traditional moulds and barriers, many times managing the household and the work front, which makes them heroes.


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