It’s a truth we will all acknowledge that there are a variety of myths surrounding periods in our society. All of us have been, at some point in our lives, asked to avoid taking a head bath or touching pickles, while on our periods. What are these myths, where did they originate and why are they still so deeply embedded in our collective psyches? We have listed a few period myths for you that are popular even today:

1. You should not exercise during periods:
Periods are a normal function of the body, not a handicap. And unless you are experiencing severe cramping or have excessive blood flow that interferes with your ability to participate in physical activities, you should not refrain from exercise or any physical activity. Activities like pilates and yoga will boost your mood and help relieve those aches and pains.

2. Don’t take a bath during your periods:
In some cultures, it is believed that taking a bath or even taking a shower during your period is unsafe. This is pure myth. A hot bath can help ease menstrual cramps and relieve muscular tension. There is no reason not to have a bath or shower during your period. Most likely, a hot shower will help you relax, which will improve the mood and help you cope with menstruation symptoms in a better manner.

3. Menstruating women should not cook or visit sacred places:
In many places around our country, menstruating women are asked to tep away from the kitchen and not participate in any religious activities. But apart from creating mental barriers, there is nothing about periods that makes a woman impure. In fact, it is the most natural process experienced by a woman. So, let’s put away such myths at bay and cook away to glory 🙂

4. You lose a lot of blood during periods:
Period blood actually looks like way more than it is. On average, you only lose about only loses about 60 milliliters of blood during each period, (that is just more than 16 teaspoons) every time you menstruate. So unless you get very heavy periods (menorrhagia), there’s no need to worry about being weak – although other symptoms like PMS can affect your overall wellbeing. If you are one of the 10 percent of women who get heavy periods, and your flow is so substantial that you feel faint or dizzy when you stand up, discuss this with your doctor.

5. Only women get periods:
It’s not true. In fact, there are a lot of trans-men and non-binary folks who happen to menstruate. Transgender men may still get their periods, just as transgender women might not have periods. Menstruation isn’t always just a ‘woman’s’ issue. It’s a human issue.


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