When work life takes a toll on us, we often forget to take care of ourselves. After a hectic commute, busy and stressful week of work. A relaxing weekend can be just what you need to refresh and recharge for the upcoming Monday Blues. With a little effort and a set plan you can successfully get a relaxing and de-toxifying weekend that you so very need.

Here are 5 easy steps you can help you de-toxify every weekend:

1. Yoga and Meditation

When your mind is cluttered with random thoughts and stress yoga and meditation help effectively to calm this chaos. It helps to enhance your ability to focus and helps you relax. De-toxifying your mind is as important as your body. Feeling rejuvenated and fresh after yoga or meditation on a weekend morning is truly bliss.

2. Full-fledged skin and hair regime of your choice

It is the perfect time to finally implement the beauty regime you were planning since ages. Cleanup, Face pack, nourishing mask as well a hair spa session, chilling on the couch with the cucumber goggles, sipping on a healthy fruit juice, is what you will not regret doing each weekend.

3. Read Or Watch And Unplug From Reality

Pick up that book from your shelf that you bought but never read and it has been sitting around for a while now. Try to immerse yourself into it without for once hurrying up, soaking in its essence. If not a fan of reading you can lay back and watch your favorite movie or binge-watch a series.

4. Cook A Meal

Food not only fills your stomach but also your heart. Treat yourself to a delicious snack or a meal, but do not stock up on junk food. Put on your chef hat and barge into the kitchen creating your masterpiece.

5. It’s Time For A Beauty Nap

After De-toxifying it is finally time to give your body the desired rest it needs on weekends. Take a nap with your hair tied up and a clean and moisturized skin.


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