Period cramps are painful, and there is no release from this plight. While taking over the counter painkillers can relieve the pain, it is not healthy to depend upon such measures every month. Period cramps are something that every woman has faced sometime in her life. Many women may have a peaceful, undisturbed period, some have to face the agony of severe menstrual cramps, every month. Nevertheless, there is no reason to fret as we have the solution right at your service to combat these period cramps.

1. Exercise
We know it is difficult to move during cramps but indulging yourself in some healthy exercise or yoga can be helpful to reduce period cramps, as it releases endorphins in your body.

2. Drink lots of water (preferably warm) Staying hydrated on your period is essential. Drinking water preferably warm soothes the pain and eases cramps as increases blood flow to your skin and may relax cramped muscles.

3. Don’t starve yourself.
Even if you don’t feel like eating something green, having some fresh fruits and vegetables, will give your body the energy to cope up with the pain.

4. Maintain a fixed sleeping schedule
Lack of sleep and period pain is a combination no woman wants to face. Your body needs that extra rest during this time of the month. Ample amount of sleep reduces your stress levels and helps you stay fresh.

5. Heat treat your cramps
A hot water bag placed on your abdomen is the most well-known period-comfort remedy that all women use it helps relaxing contracting muscles in the uterus. Sipping on warm liquids and taking a hot shower also helps relieve pain and makes you feel relaxed.

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