Food is emotion. Period cramps are obnoxious and painful, and no one likes them. While we are on our period, our mood is usually grumpy, and even a slight change usually sets us off.

During the first two days, I often wish to quit all my work, curl up in a blanket and binge on my favourite food. Well, we have it all sorted for you. Here’s a list of all the comforting meal that will bring joy to you when you’re feeling low. Keep it in mind during your next cycle!

1. Dark Chocolate
Who doesn’t love chocolates? Eating small amounts of chocolate (usually the ones having 60-65% of cocoa) during ‘those’ days can undoubtedly help alleviate your period cramps. Chocolate contains magnesium and endorphins, which will help relieve your cramps and energize you. A cup of hot chocolate is the ultimate pain reliever.

2. Tea
A sip of a hot reviving brew is all that one needs. After a tiring day at work when you’re back to your abode, a cup of tea will help relax your nerves. Try chamomile or green tea to ease your cramps

3. Salmon
Salmon is rich in omega 3s and vitamin D. They will be your aid in combating the cramps. Consider having a salmon salad or other salmon based recipes.

4. Fruits
If you are health conscious, fruits are the best option to ease out the cramps. Fruits like pineapple, papaya, are rich in vitamins and enzymes that will help you fight the cramps and relax your mind.

5. Yogurt
Including calcium-rich food in your diet is beneficial in reducing cramps. Yogurts are useful in reducing cramps and bloating.

Though all these have proved effective in the past, for me the good old dal khichdi or Dahi chawal does wonders!

Do let us know, what is your comfort food during your period!

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